2nd session

Taking the first goblin down with a brash charge, goring it upon his horns, Tetris spun around to two wolves appear from behind boulders a short distance from the road. Drawing a quarter-staff from a large quiver slung across her slight shoulders, the female with the white dragon motif running along her matching cloak kept one of the wolves at bay. After a second, spotting Vingince taking seat next to some boulders, pulling out a long pipe, packing it with tabacc. Without a second thought Tetris sprang at goblin trying sneak behind the woman, chopping it before it could do any damage. Holding off two wolves now, Renatta Engström nimbly dodged the snapping jaws of the ravenous wolves, shooting a dark look at the watching barbarian, who sat puffing out a plume of smoke. Forming a large ball of ice in her hands, Renatta let loose her magic in a blast of cold, wintry force. Ice crackled in sheets as it raced across the ground, the wolves unable to maintain purchase on the slick frost. Falling prone each time they tried to get up, claws scrabbling over the ice, Renatta looked triumphant at Vingence, whereupon she proceeded to fall onto her own magic.

Putting his pipe away and shouldering his large club, Vingence laughed, “Good show!” And upon approaching the two wolves, dashed their skulls in his quick effectual manner. “I see you two are adventurers indeed!” Smiling from underneath his hooded cloak, he offered his hand to Renatta took it, scowl wiped from her face. Turning to address the minotaur, the two found him stringing goblin ears and wolf teeth into a necklace, wearing it across his broad chest. Shrugging, he continued his grim work.

Finding the trail of the other goblins wasn’t hard, and the trio followed it till they found a large cave, with flickering flames seen in the darkness. Stealthly entering the three found a room where there were large braziers set up, and the black charger tethered to a outcropping in the cave. Along with three of the goblins they’d been tracking!

Screaming in Goblin, two opened doors while the third engaged the party, being quickly dispatched by Vingence’s club. Out of the doors on opposite sides of the room came a large drake, orange and yellow crest running alongside it’s back, ready to follow the goblin into battle. Another goblin, this one in an ornate headdress of bones and carrying an aura of evil appeared, sending a the aura at the mage, who was then focused on using her arcane powress to fend off the hex.

Vingence charged the gobin witch, who hurled a cloud of wasp-like black motes, which made it nearly impossible for Vingence to focus on hitting the goblins with his club. Tetris followed up behind missing the goblin witch, his axe hitting one of the braziers. The third goblin ran to help corner the barbarian in the stinging cloud, sending the guard drake to attack the mage, who was just then wiping away the curse set upon her. Seeing a slavering drake ready to kill she threw up her hands, speaking in Draconic, the language of the beast and it’s kin, stopping it in it’s tracks. Slowly pulling out a small white egg covered in white scales, she showed it to the drake who then bowed low to her in a gesture of subservience. Then she told it to get up and attack the witch, the abused drake bounding up to suprise the hex hurler, breaking it’s concentration on keeping the barbarian and the minotaur contained. Which was enough time for Tetris to grab the two braziers and topple them onto the goblin raiders and the goblin witch.

Jumping out of the way, Vingence watched as the goblins were burned alive under the flames and embers. All three goblins and even the drake that had helped to distract the witch were lying in puddles of their melted bodies. Approaching the witch-goblin, Tetris raised it out of the embers, where it then pleaded for mercy and for help. Promising not to kill him, Tetris learned that the goblins were working for one Malerath, who paid them in shares of loot from the raids. It promised them it’s sack of silver if they would not kill him, and agreeing, Tetris was told where it was stashed away. After learning this, he dropped the goblin down, where Vingence quickly dispatched him alonside the rest of the goblins. Tetris shrugged.

“Told ‘im I wouldn’t kill ’im” Vigence replied. “Good thing I did, didn’t I?”

Seeing the drake half-alive, Renatta spoke to the drake, easing it’s passing with some appreciative words in Draconic, sending it to a merciful death with a quick jerk of it’s head.

The three took account of the room, Renatta letting the horse free, where it took off from the cave. The three sat down next to a large pool of water nestled in a stone basin. Cleaning their gear of gore and any wounds sustained, the three discussed what they new of the architecture and their surrounding. Vingence noted that it didn’t seem like a regular goblin lair, the stone too refined for the less-than artistic goblin race. Tetris spoke up about how it was a minotaur temple, and he was on a journey to find any relics or trace of his people in the Nentir Vale, on a pilgrimage of sorts. He noted how there seemed to be a theme of the pantheon of good, just and lawful dieties, which made it a bit of a shock to see goblins and their employer making residence.

After deciding who to take which watch, Renatta got first, and upon further inspection of the pool of water, was able to divine it’s use as a scrying pool. With a little magical effort, she was able to see further into the temple, past large statues of Bahamut, Moridin, Elantris, Correllan and Avandra. Picking and digging away at the room were small, hunched over forms, working to the light of candles placed in a mockery of the temple’s former use as a place of prayer. Going past them, she was able to see a frosty, cold rent in the temple, where a sinuous, scaled creature sat brooding. It was a dragon!



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