Renatta Engström and Reginald arrive at the once bustling Septarch’s tower, once the seat of magic in the years of old. They are brought to the top of the tower, guided by the halfling apprentice who ushers them into an old room guarded by an old guardsman. They enter to find Nimozaran the Green relaxing in an old chair with a cup of tea in his hand, attended by Allande Markelhay Lady of Fallcrest and a student of the arcane as well as a passable mage. The two are sat down with tea, and are relieved to hear that the ritual was a success, and shouldn’t draw the attention of any more necromancers or other beings of evil reputes. They are then told of the harrowing troubles of the land, how the tower was abandoned and what troubles had been ailing Fallcrest and the Nentir Vale for some time now, pointing out all the good they did by destroying the machinations of Armos Kamroth and his lieutenants. They also discuss the problems in the Harkenwold, and how a Mercenary company had taken up residence in the Baron’s keep, allowing him to live as a hostage. Renatta Engström approaches them about a certain artifact given to her by the remains of her former magic school, and then given a tome on dragons at the behest of Nimozaran the Green after his examination of the cream and gold egg-shaped relic, covered as it is in a scaled-pattern. The two leave with the Lady, taking her coach alongside her to return to the party. Upon their arrival they are swiftly ushered into the main hall where they are caught up on what’s been happening with the Iron Circle Mercenaries and are offered a hefty reward should they choose to help out. The party agrees, and bed down for the night, intent on leaving in the early morning, being dropped off via coach to a farm where they will meet up with a contact who should be able to help them. In the night, the Minotaur and the dwarf leave the party, leaving a small share of arms and loot for the three left, who are disappointed to see them leave but are resolved to help out the Nentir Vale no matter the losses or how auspicious the beginning.

Crisis of faith

The group arrives at a farmer’s hovel outside the unfinished manor of Armos Kamroth and upon questioning the farmer and his wife, they are led to a large gap in the wall’s construction, and are allowed to bed down in the hut while the farmer and his wife sleep in the neighboring farm’s small hut. In the early morning, the group awakens to a new day, everyone scouting and deciding on their tactic for getting in. Meanwhile, Renatta Engström discusses the Lord with the farm wife. She details how he has been buying out the farmer’s and charging horrendous rent on land they had owned. He was an influential man with money and ties to the Porter’s Guild and the local gang, the River Rats and so the Lord WardenFaren Markelhay couldn’t deal with him with his garrison involved with a problem to the east where a Mercenary Company had kidnapped the baron of Harkenwold and were starting to expand west.
The farm wife then gives the group a taste of her home-made moonshine, the still in the back next to the chicken coop. She then sends her two husbands to town to warn what was left of the garrison that the adventurers would be needing back up.
The group talks to the hired thugs guarding the gate, convincing once with the promise of moonshine and the other with a bit of subterfuge to let them in. The warlock, Reginald sneaks thru the hole in the wall, spotting the self-styled lord talking to a man in a black robe with a gray circle with an evil look to him. The rest of the party enters, and confront Armos Kamroth about Thorgrim. The mercenary with the iron circle motif on his cloak and tabard excuses himself, promising Lordship of Fallcrest if pledged help to take down Faren Markelhay from Armos, who agrees. Turning on the party, Armos is accosted by two singed men, one with a gap-toothed mouth, who tell him that the party are the ones responsible for laying waste to the River Rats and executing his hand in the Porter’s Guild.
A battle is then fought, with Armos calling on the power of his diety, Tiamat, using his greed and hate to call into question the paladin’s faith as they fight, ultimately having the dwarf at his mercy, where upon the power of Melora rushes to his aid at the last second, effectively blinding Armos, who eventually, along with his hired goons are subdued if not massacred. The were-rat leader escapes, climbing onto the roof and running away wounded, missing his tail and an ear, bloodied and broken to lick his wounds. The party questions Armos before the minotaur crushes his head learning nothing but that Thorgrim is dead at Armos’ hands, and their thirty gold pieces more than made up for with their ransacking of the manor, finding all manner of loot, eventually coming across Thorgrim’s remains splattered across an alter. Saying a prayer for him, the paladin takes all that was left of his fellow dwarf, a worn token of Kord. The rest of the party leaves, and when they exit the manor grounds the Lord Warden and his Sergeants are waiting with an honor guard and they are applauded for dealing with a blight beset on Fallcrest. The Lord invites them to his manor, where Renatta Engström
begs off to return to the Septarch’s Tower to let Nimozaran the Green
know of Thorgrim’s death and to see if the ritual to relieve the box of it’s necromantic properties has been completed. Reginald agrees to escort her, to her derision, and the two spell-casters take off, leaving the rest of the party to attend a banquet in their honor and to hear out the Lord Warden’s plea for help.

Duel to the death!

Leaving the burning husk of the tavern behind them, the party travels quickly to the Porters guild, watching their backs for more ambushes. The party arrives, only to find the Guild Master, Barstomun Strongbeard surly and unwilling to part with any information besides that he and Thorgrim had an altercation upon his arrival in town about some debt owed, and Thorgrim left to attend to his business with a local landowner, Armos Kamroth who has been buying up real estate in surrounding countryside. The group ends up causing insult to Strongbeard, and he challenges the barbarian to a duel, sans arms. They fight, beating each other senseless, until Strongbeard cheats, and sends his men into the fray. Fighting without mercy the group wins, with Vingence Mothbraun revived with the help of the dwarf paladin of Melora he had been hitting on profusely the night previous. The group ransacks the Guild, finding some loot worth keeping and decide to refrain from purging it’s presence in Fallcrest with fire, to the relief of the dockworkers watching from windows and alleys. They party leaves to the edge of town, where a great manor is being built, intent on finding the answer to their quest with any means necessary and they take off to confront Armos Kamroth.

Painting the town red

Fighting their respective hangovers and misgivings about their goal of finding their dwarven benefactor, the trio of [[:tetris | Tetris]], [[:renatta-engstrom | Renatta Engström]] and [[:vingence-mothbraun | Vingence Mothbraun]] take to the streets. Accompanying them, after a lengthy debate is the quiet [[:reginald | Reginald]] who tags along in their wake, keeping to the shadows. Searching thru town to no avail, the party eventually crosses into Lowtown, where they are approached by a shifty-looking man at the bridge leading into the slums of Fallcrest. Deriving information via the suspiciously altruistic thug, they enter a nearby tavern run down and hastily rebuilt over the years. They enter and meet get some vague information from the bartender, while his bouncer sits eyeing them, giving the wizard a lecherous, tooth-gapped grin whenever she looks over at him.
Upon exiting the tavern with new direction, the party is ambushed by a group of thugs who morph into were-rats. Using their dire-rat pets the gang picks a fight with a group of adventurers all too ready to fight. They win, but not after tying the front door shut with a chain and sending a molotov cocktail into the shady bar. With all their intent on scrubbing out this stain on Fallcrest, they pass over the bridge on their way to the Porter’s Guild not seeing the grate under the bridge open and two wererats, one with a gap-tooth grimace and covered in soot slip into a tiny hidden punt and begin poling away…


The party, upon arriving at their destination of Fallcrest find a likely inn to bed down for the night and come up with a plan for finding the dwarf priest who hired them initially to retrieve a small box of a personal and delicate nature. Splitting ways from the party Renatta travels to the Septarch’s Tower, once a bastion of magical learnings in this wilderness, now ruins and run by a single old wizard and his inept halfling apprentice. Handing over the box for safe-keeping, Renatta leaves to catch up with her party and some much-needed rest. Meanwhile the rest of the party is drinking voraciously in a shady inn willing to put up a minotaur, a tiefling and other patrons of less-than-savory repute. The barbarian, heavy into his cups watches as the Minotaur starts to engage a shadowy form in the corner. Thinking it the drink rather than any fae or otherworldly reason, the charismatic Vingince buys a bottle of the strongest spirit in-house for safe-keeping. Upon Renatta’s reuniting with her friends, she finds Vingence blatantly drunk, hitting on a scowling dwarven follower of Melora, identifiable by the whorled tattoos on his face and the set of his gear. The minotaur is involved in a conversation with a young man with a fine set to his cheeks, his eyes and ears with a slanted look to them underneath a cowl from a cloak.
This sets the stage for the next adventure for our heroes, new friends and enemies in the works… If only the barbarian’s hangover doesn’t hold everyone back the next morning.

2nd session
Taking the first goblin down with a brash charge, goring it upon his horns, Tetris spun around to two wolves appear from behind boulders a short distance from the road. Drawing a quarter-staff from a large quiver slung across her slight shoulders, the female with the white dragon motif running along her matching cloak kept one of the wolves at bay. After a second, spotting Vingince taking seat next to some boulders, pulling out a long pipe, packing it with tabacc. Without a second thought Tetris sprang at goblin trying sneak behind the woman, chopping it before it could do any damage. Holding off two wolves now, Renatta Engström nimbly dodged the snapping jaws of the ravenous wolves, shooting a dark look at the watching barbarian, who sat puffing out a plume of smoke. Forming a large ball of ice in her hands, Renatta let loose her magic in a blast of cold, wintry force. Ice crackled in sheets as it raced across the ground, the wolves unable to maintain purchase on the slick frost. Falling prone each time they tried to get up, claws scrabbling over the ice, Renatta looked triumphant at Vingence, whereupon she proceeded to fall onto her own magic.

Putting his pipe away and shouldering his large club, Vingence laughed, “Good show!” And upon approaching the two wolves, dashed their skulls in his quick effectual manner. “I see you two are adventurers indeed!” Smiling from underneath his hooded cloak, he offered his hand to Renatta took it, scowl wiped from her face. Turning to address the minotaur, the two found him stringing goblin ears and wolf teeth into a necklace, wearing it across his broad chest. Shrugging, he continued his grim work.

Finding the trail of the other goblins wasn’t hard, and the trio followed it till they found a large cave, with flickering flames seen in the darkness. Stealthly entering the three found a room where there were large braziers set up, and the black charger tethered to a outcropping in the cave. Along with three of the goblins they’d been tracking!

Screaming in Goblin, two opened doors while the third engaged the party, being quickly dispatched by Vingence’s club. Out of the doors on opposite sides of the room came a large drake, orange and yellow crest running alongside it’s back, ready to follow the goblin into battle. Another goblin, this one in an ornate headdress of bones and carrying an aura of evil appeared, sending a the aura at the mage, who was then focused on using her arcane powress to fend off the hex.

Vingence charged the gobin witch, who hurled a cloud of wasp-like black motes, which made it nearly impossible for Vingence to focus on hitting the goblins with his club. Tetris followed up behind missing the goblin witch, his axe hitting one of the braziers. The third goblin ran to help corner the barbarian in the stinging cloud, sending the guard drake to attack the mage, who was just then wiping away the curse set upon her. Seeing a slavering drake ready to kill she threw up her hands, speaking in Draconic, the language of the beast and it’s kin, stopping it in it’s tracks. Slowly pulling out a small white egg covered in white scales, she showed it to the drake who then bowed low to her in a gesture of subservience. Then she told it to get up and attack the witch, the abused drake bounding up to suprise the hex hurler, breaking it’s concentration on keeping the barbarian and the minotaur contained. Which was enough time for Tetris to grab the two braziers and topple them onto the goblin raiders and the goblin witch.

Jumping out of the way, Vingence watched as the goblins were burned alive under the flames and embers. All three goblins and even the drake that had helped to distract the witch were lying in puddles of their melted bodies. Approaching the witch-goblin, Tetris raised it out of the embers, where it then pleaded for mercy and for help. Promising not to kill him, Tetris learned that the goblins were working for one Malerath, who paid them in shares of loot from the raids. It promised them it’s sack of silver if they would not kill him, and agreeing, Tetris was told where it was stashed away. After learning this, he dropped the goblin down, where Vingence quickly dispatched him alonside the rest of the goblins. Tetris shrugged.

“Told ‘im I wouldn’t kill ’im” Vigence replied. “Good thing I did, didn’t I?”

Seeing the drake half-alive, Renatta spoke to the drake, easing it’s passing with some appreciative words in Draconic, sending it to a merciful death with a quick jerk of it’s head.

The three took account of the room, Renatta letting the horse free, where it took off from the cave. The three sat down next to a large pool of water nestled in a stone basin. Cleaning their gear of gore and any wounds sustained, the three discussed what they new of the architecture and their surrounding. Vingence noted that it didn’t seem like a regular goblin lair, the stone too refined for the less-than artistic goblin race. Tetris spoke up about how it was a minotaur temple, and he was on a journey to find any relics or trace of his people in the Nentir Vale, on a pilgrimage of sorts. He noted how there seemed to be a theme of the pantheon of good, just and lawful dieties, which made it a bit of a shock to see goblins and their employer making residence.

After deciding who to take which watch, Renatta got first, and upon further inspection of the pool of water, was able to divine it’s use as a scrying pool. With a little magical effort, she was able to see further into the temple, past large statues of Bahamut, Moridin, Elantris, Correllan and Avandra. Picking and digging away at the room were small, hunched over forms, working to the light of candles placed in a mockery of the temple’s former use as a place of prayer. Going past them, she was able to see a frosty, cold rent in the temple, where a sinuous, scaled creature sat brooding. It was a dragon!

1st day

Travelling upon the long weary road to Fallcrest, a dwarf merchant picks up a half-tiefling traveler with the intent of using him as an extra pair of eyes against the encroaching darkness. Intent on reaching Fallcrest, the sooner the better, Vingence agrees, throwing his large wooden maul with the long iron spike driven thru the knobby end into the back of the wagon, withing easy reach of the bench the two sit, bouncing along the uneven, broken pavenment of the ancient road.
Hours later, the “Twang!” of a bow catches Vingence’s ear, and then the cry from Travaeus, as a short arrow protrudes from his shoulder. Goblins rush from the woods and surround the wagon. Grabbing the dwarf, Vingence checks for life and upon finding the stoic dwarf alive, grabs his giant club and jumps into the affray. Swinging and hitting goblins with a savage efficiency, he chases them off, and checks on his dwarf ally. The dwarf pulls out a small medallion on a gold chain, and holding it tight to his wound, says a prayer, the wound knitting up and the blood trickling instead of flowing from the now healed gaping hole.
Seeing a rider off in the distance upon a black steed, the two watch as the vague form shakes it’s fist in the air and rides off. Travaues thanks Vingence, gruffly appreciating his quick actions and prowess in battle. Upon a cursory look-over in the back of the wagon, the dwarf starts cursing the goblins, telling Vingence of his prized lock-box, and how the goblins must have took off with it. Blushing slightly, he tells Vingence how it’s contents are personal in nature, and as seeing how quickly he dispatched the goblins, how if he were to get the box back, a large reward of 30 gold pieces would be waiting for him upon it’s return. And if he managed to find out any information on the mysterious rider, then he would be grateful to hear that too.
Agreeing, Vingence heads off into the woods after the goblins, finding their tracks beaten into the loam of the forest, the black ichor trailing in small splatter across the foliage from a goblin mortally wounded in the battle previous.
After some time passes, he eventually passes out from the forest and into a clearing with a small tower in ruins next to a crossroads. Three paths fork from the crossroads, and walking along these paths are two travelers coming from the northeast and southeast respectively. Flagging them down, Vingence approaches them, asking if they’ve seen any goblins.
At mention of goblins the larger of the two figures turns and snorts in anger, fingering a large battle axe at his belt. He shakes his large horned head and his bestial and vaguely bovine features send the others a step back. Minotaurs are a rare breed in these parts, after the fall of their empire 400 years hence, and the small pockets of their tribes are known equally as evil blood-thirsty cultists of Baphomet as well as honest followers of the pantheon of good deities. Upon further inspection, the big brute seems to be calm and collected, and trusting to years of insight, Vingence decides to trust the big brute not to attack him.
The other traveler, dressed in a white feather-cloak, with a long quarter-staff in one hand approaches the two, greeting each in turn. Vingence explains the quest he’s on, and at the mention of gold, the minotaur perks up, his ears swiveling forward in what could only be considered full-attention.
“And the dwarf promised you 30 gp? If you were to want help, split the gold and I promise you the use of my arm and the axe it wields” The minotaur boasts, flourishing the axe in a graceful arc.
Vingence is impressed, and when the young female human in her cloak also mentions her willingness to get paid for exploding goblins, Vingence thinks it thru, and quickly decides to split the gold three ways upon completions and fills them in on what he knows. The three agree, forming an adventurer’s pact, and follow the tracks leading away, but not before they’re attacked by two goblins waiting in ambush for anyone following!

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