Armos Kamroth

A wealthy landowner who collects rents from scores of farmer and herders living in the countryside


Armos Kamroth Level 5 controller (leader)
Medium natural humanoid, human cleric xp 200

Initiative +3 Perception +6
AC 18: Fortitude 16, Reflex 15, Will 20 Speed 5

  • Mace(standard, at-will) +7 vs. AC; 1d8 +3 damage.
  • Lance of Faith(standard, at-will) Divine, Implement Ranged 5; 7 vs. Reflex; 1d85 damage, and one ally gains a +2 power bonus to his next attack against the target
    *Cause Fear(standard; encounter) Divine, Implement Ranged 10; +7 vs. Will; the target moves it’s speed +1 away from Armos. The fleeing target avoids unsafe squares and difficult terrain if it can. This movement provokes opportunity attacks.
  • Divine Fortune(free, encounter) Divine Armos gains a +1 bonus to his next attack roll or saving throw before the end of his next turn.
  • Healing Word(minor; 2/encounter)Divine, healing Close burst 5; you or one ally can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 HP

Evil Common, Draconic Skills: Diplomacy 8, Religion7
Str14(4) Dex12(3) Wis18(6)
4) Int11(2) Cha12(3)
Equipment: Chainmail, mace, symbol of Tiamat worn under shirt.


Armos is a brusque, balding man of about fifty who makes a show of loaning money in good faith and exacting only what the law allows- but somehow he quietly bought up dozens of free farms over the years and turned thier owners into his tenants.

Armos Kamroth

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