The party, upon arriving at their destination of Fallcrest find a likely inn to bed down for the night and come up with a plan for finding the dwarf priest who hired them initially to retrieve a small box of a personal and delicate nature. Splitting ways from the party Renatta travels to the Septarch’s Tower, once a bastion of magical learnings in this wilderness, now ruins and run by a single old wizard and his inept halfling apprentice. Handing over the box for safe-keeping, Renatta leaves to catch up with her party and some much-needed rest. Meanwhile the rest of the party is drinking voraciously in a shady inn willing to put up a minotaur, a tiefling and other patrons of less-than-savory repute. The barbarian, heavy into his cups watches as the Minotaur starts to engage a shadowy form in the corner. Thinking it the drink rather than any fae or otherworldly reason, the charismatic Vingince buys a bottle of the strongest spirit in-house for safe-keeping. Upon Renatta’s reuniting with her friends, she finds Vingence blatantly drunk, hitting on a scowling dwarven follower of Melora, identifiable by the whorled tattoos on his face and the set of his gear. The minotaur is involved in a conversation with a young man with a fine set to his cheeks, his eyes and ears with a slanted look to them underneath a cowl from a cloak.
This sets the stage for the next adventure for our heroes, new friends and enemies in the works… If only the barbarian’s hangover doesn’t hold everyone back the next morning.



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