Renatta Engström and Reginald arrive at the once bustling Septarch’s tower, once the seat of magic in the years of old. They are brought to the top of the tower, guided by the halfling apprentice who ushers them into an old room guarded by an old guardsman. They enter to find Nimozaran the Green relaxing in an old chair with a cup of tea in his hand, attended by Allande Markelhay Lady of Fallcrest and a student of the arcane as well as a passable mage. The two are sat down with tea, and are relieved to hear that the ritual was a success, and shouldn’t draw the attention of any more necromancers or other beings of evil reputes. They are then told of the harrowing troubles of the land, how the tower was abandoned and what troubles had been ailing Fallcrest and the Nentir Vale for some time now, pointing out all the good they did by destroying the machinations of Armos Kamroth and his lieutenants. They also discuss the problems in the Harkenwold, and how a Mercenary company had taken up residence in the Baron’s keep, allowing him to live as a hostage. Renatta Engström approaches them about a certain artifact given to her by the remains of her former magic school, and then given a tome on dragons at the behest of Nimozaran the Green after his examination of the cream and gold egg-shaped relic, covered as it is in a scaled-pattern. The two leave with the Lady, taking her coach alongside her to return to the party. Upon their arrival they are swiftly ushered into the main hall where they are caught up on what’s been happening with the Iron Circle Mercenaries and are offered a hefty reward should they choose to help out. The party agrees, and bed down for the night, intent on leaving in the early morning, being dropped off via coach to a farm where they will meet up with a contact who should be able to help them. In the night, the Minotaur and the dwarf leave the party, leaving a small share of arms and loot for the three left, who are disappointed to see them leave but are resolved to help out the Nentir Vale no matter the losses or how auspicious the beginning.



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