Painting the town red

Fighting their respective hangovers and misgivings about their goal of finding their dwarven benefactor, the trio of [[:tetris | Tetris]], [[:renatta-engstrom | Renatta Engström]] and [[:vingence-mothbraun | Vingence Mothbraun]] take to the streets. Accompanying them, after a lengthy debate is the quiet [[:reginald | Reginald]] who tags along in their wake, keeping to the shadows. Searching thru town to no avail, the party eventually crosses into Lowtown, where they are approached by a shifty-looking man at the bridge leading into the slums of Fallcrest. Deriving information via the suspiciously altruistic thug, they enter a nearby tavern run down and hastily rebuilt over the years. They enter and meet get some vague information from the bartender, while his bouncer sits eyeing them, giving the wizard a lecherous, tooth-gapped grin whenever she looks over at him.
Upon exiting the tavern with new direction, the party is ambushed by a group of thugs who morph into were-rats. Using their dire-rat pets the gang picks a fight with a group of adventurers all too ready to fight. They win, but not after tying the front door shut with a chain and sending a molotov cocktail into the shady bar. With all their intent on scrubbing out this stain on Fallcrest, they pass over the bridge on their way to the Porter’s Guild not seeing the grate under the bridge open and two wererats, one with a gap-tooth grimace and covered in soot slip into a tiny hidden punt and begin poling away…



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