Duel to the death!

Leaving the burning husk of the tavern behind them, the party travels quickly to the Porters guild, watching their backs for more ambushes. The party arrives, only to find the Guild Master, Barstomun Strongbeard surly and unwilling to part with any information besides that he and Thorgrim had an altercation upon his arrival in town about some debt owed, and Thorgrim left to attend to his business with a local landowner, Armos Kamroth who has been buying up real estate in surrounding countryside. The group ends up causing insult to Strongbeard, and he challenges the barbarian to a duel, sans arms. They fight, beating each other senseless, until Strongbeard cheats, and sends his men into the fray. Fighting without mercy the group wins, with Vingence Mothbraun revived with the help of the dwarf paladin of Melora he had been hitting on profusely the night previous. The group ransacks the Guild, finding some loot worth keeping and decide to refrain from purging it’s presence in Fallcrest with fire, to the relief of the dockworkers watching from windows and alleys. They party leaves to the edge of town, where a great manor is being built, intent on finding the answer to their quest with any means necessary and they take off to confront Armos Kamroth.



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