Crisis of faith

The group arrives at a farmer’s hovel outside the unfinished manor of Armos Kamroth and upon questioning the farmer and his wife, they are led to a large gap in the wall’s construction, and are allowed to bed down in the hut while the farmer and his wife sleep in the neighboring farm’s small hut. In the early morning, the group awakens to a new day, everyone scouting and deciding on their tactic for getting in. Meanwhile, Renatta Engström discusses the Lord with the farm wife. She details how he has been buying out the farmer’s and charging horrendous rent on land they had owned. He was an influential man with money and ties to the Porter’s Guild and the local gang, the River Rats and so the Lord WardenFaren Markelhay couldn’t deal with him with his garrison involved with a problem to the east where a Mercenary Company had kidnapped the baron of Harkenwold and were starting to expand west.
The farm wife then gives the group a taste of her home-made moonshine, the still in the back next to the chicken coop. She then sends her two husbands to town to warn what was left of the garrison that the adventurers would be needing back up.
The group talks to the hired thugs guarding the gate, convincing once with the promise of moonshine and the other with a bit of subterfuge to let them in. The warlock, Reginald sneaks thru the hole in the wall, spotting the self-styled lord talking to a man in a black robe with a gray circle with an evil look to him. The rest of the party enters, and confront Armos Kamroth about Thorgrim. The mercenary with the iron circle motif on his cloak and tabard excuses himself, promising Lordship of Fallcrest if pledged help to take down Faren Markelhay from Armos, who agrees. Turning on the party, Armos is accosted by two singed men, one with a gap-toothed mouth, who tell him that the party are the ones responsible for laying waste to the River Rats and executing his hand in the Porter’s Guild.
A battle is then fought, with Armos calling on the power of his diety, Tiamat, using his greed and hate to call into question the paladin’s faith as they fight, ultimately having the dwarf at his mercy, where upon the power of Melora rushes to his aid at the last second, effectively blinding Armos, who eventually, along with his hired goons are subdued if not massacred. The were-rat leader escapes, climbing onto the roof and running away wounded, missing his tail and an ear, bloodied and broken to lick his wounds. The party questions Armos before the minotaur crushes his head learning nothing but that Thorgrim is dead at Armos’ hands, and their thirty gold pieces more than made up for with their ransacking of the manor, finding all manner of loot, eventually coming across Thorgrim’s remains splattered across an alter. Saying a prayer for him, the paladin takes all that was left of his fellow dwarf, a worn token of Kord. The rest of the party leaves, and when they exit the manor grounds the Lord Warden and his Sergeants are waiting with an honor guard and they are applauded for dealing with a blight beset on Fallcrest. The Lord invites them to his manor, where Renatta Engström
begs off to return to the Septarch’s Tower to let Nimozaran the Green
know of Thorgrim’s death and to see if the ritual to relieve the box of it’s necromantic properties has been completed. Reginald agrees to escort her, to her derision, and the two spell-casters take off, leaving the rest of the party to attend a banquet in their honor and to hear out the Lord Warden’s plea for help.



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