1st day

Travelling upon the long weary road to Fallcrest, a dwarf merchant picks up a half-tiefling traveler with the intent of using him as an extra pair of eyes against the encroaching darkness. Intent on reaching Fallcrest, the sooner the better, Vingence agrees, throwing his large wooden maul with the long iron spike driven thru the knobby end into the back of the wagon, withing easy reach of the bench the two sit, bouncing along the uneven, broken pavenment of the ancient road.
Hours later, the “Twang!” of a bow catches Vingence’s ear, and then the cry from Travaeus, as a short arrow protrudes from his shoulder. Goblins rush from the woods and surround the wagon. Grabbing the dwarf, Vingence checks for life and upon finding the stoic dwarf alive, grabs his giant club and jumps into the affray. Swinging and hitting goblins with a savage efficiency, he chases them off, and checks on his dwarf ally. The dwarf pulls out a small medallion on a gold chain, and holding it tight to his wound, says a prayer, the wound knitting up and the blood trickling instead of flowing from the now healed gaping hole.
Seeing a rider off in the distance upon a black steed, the two watch as the vague form shakes it’s fist in the air and rides off. Travaues thanks Vingence, gruffly appreciating his quick actions and prowess in battle. Upon a cursory look-over in the back of the wagon, the dwarf starts cursing the goblins, telling Vingence of his prized lock-box, and how the goblins must have took off with it. Blushing slightly, he tells Vingence how it’s contents are personal in nature, and as seeing how quickly he dispatched the goblins, how if he were to get the box back, a large reward of 30 gold pieces would be waiting for him upon it’s return. And if he managed to find out any information on the mysterious rider, then he would be grateful to hear that too.
Agreeing, Vingence heads off into the woods after the goblins, finding their tracks beaten into the loam of the forest, the black ichor trailing in small splatter across the foliage from a goblin mortally wounded in the battle previous.
After some time passes, he eventually passes out from the forest and into a clearing with a small tower in ruins next to a crossroads. Three paths fork from the crossroads, and walking along these paths are two travelers coming from the northeast and southeast respectively. Flagging them down, Vingence approaches them, asking if they’ve seen any goblins.
At mention of goblins the larger of the two figures turns and snorts in anger, fingering a large battle axe at his belt. He shakes his large horned head and his bestial and vaguely bovine features send the others a step back. Minotaurs are a rare breed in these parts, after the fall of their empire 400 years hence, and the small pockets of their tribes are known equally as evil blood-thirsty cultists of Baphomet as well as honest followers of the pantheon of good deities. Upon further inspection, the big brute seems to be calm and collected, and trusting to years of insight, Vingence decides to trust the big brute not to attack him.
The other traveler, dressed in a white feather-cloak, with a long quarter-staff in one hand approaches the two, greeting each in turn. Vingence explains the quest he’s on, and at the mention of gold, the minotaur perks up, his ears swiveling forward in what could only be considered full-attention.
“And the dwarf promised you 30 gp? If you were to want help, split the gold and I promise you the use of my arm and the axe it wields” The minotaur boasts, flourishing the axe in a graceful arc.
Vingence is impressed, and when the young female human in her cloak also mentions her willingness to get paid for exploding goblins, Vingence thinks it thru, and quickly decides to split the gold three ways upon completions and fills them in on what he knows. The three agree, forming an adventurer’s pact, and follow the tracks leading away, but not before they’re attacked by two goblins waiting in ambush for anyone following!



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